Artificial Intelligence for Video Analysis

AIVA uses artificial intelligence algorithms developed specifically for video analysis.

The integrated use of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for detection, recognition, and segmentation, allow us to perform according to three different levels of complexity:

AIVA acts as an “intelligent framework” that can easily be specialized for different areas and domains, whose information base requires the images analysis.


AIVA F2 Artificial intelligence for Video Analysis at Covid19 time

AIVA F2 carries out in a totally automatic way the analysis of video flows coming from cameras network and, based on an integrated set of computer vision, machine learning, deep learning and analytics algorithms, is able to support companies in complete and automatic management of the Anti-Covid19 protocols:

  1. Social distancing control;
  2. PPE correct use;
  3. Staff/Visitors temperature;
  4. Automatic reconstruction of the contagion Map

In the management of anti-Covid rules, the advantages of using  AIVA F2, compared to the direct use of cameras (both normal and thermal), are manifold: the AIVA F2 Artificial Intelligence software resides on the abck-end, controls and integrates the information coming from all cameras, processing them wth the AI functions; this allows to obtain much higher performances and aggregation functionalities, impossible with the software embedded on the cameras.

AIVA F2 is a specialization of AIVA and retains all its funcitonality; therefore with a sigle solution it is possibile to have a centralized and atuomatic management of all the other video surveillance functions that the company needs, such as:

  1. Packages tracking monitoring on tapes;
  2. Transport optimization’s on forklifts;
  3. Incorrect actions reporting in the goods management;
  4. Incorrect or illegal behavior reporting

AIVA F2 is able to extract a large amount of information, enhancing your video surveillance system. Contact us to evaluate together the potential of your video system or to design a new one, designed from the beginning to manage all the features you need in an integrated way!

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