The economic, social and cultural context in which we live is globalized, and although the nostalgics of the “past time” may think of “rewinding the tape of history” to change things, it is a fact acquired with which we must do the math and learn to use it in our favor. The criteria for choosing products, solutions, suppliers, once heavily influenced by their location and / or direct knowledge of the supplier, today are essentially based on the demonstrated global competitiveness. This can undoubtedly lead to an overall improvement in the quality / price ratio for the end user, but also makes it necessary to establish a series of “objective” quality measurement parameters and, above all, a series of uniform rules and regulations, which protect the consumer / customer and the resources of the planet. To improve their competitiveness on a global scale, companies must therefore find ways to increase their operational efficiency and the quality of their products, while avoiding the use of methodologies and production criteria that do not comply with laws and regulations of other countries, as well as their own, pending “global” standards which are still being defined. Ability and speed of adaptation are key factors in all processes of change. Since 2010 Project Consulting has chosen to focus on technological innovation, an area in which it has invested time and energy and has built a high-profile scientific network. Thanks to this, Project Consulting today is able to operate as a technology transfer actor in the Industry 4.0 field and to implement innovative products and solutions under the guidance of multidisciplinary scientific researchers and technological professionals who have experienced IT since its origins.

Our “company mission” is to use the innovative spirit of our company as a “keystone”, the reliability, competence and professionalism of our professionals as “pillars” on which to build “value over time” for our customers.


Leadership and Quality Policy

The culture of “quality”, embraced in 2007 and certified since 2010, in Project Consulting has become a valuable asset to be valued and used as a differentiating element on the market and towards our customers. while requiring a constant commitment, a dedicated budget and a planning of all the apparently more expensive activities, this approach has brought remarkable results, found both in the corporate culture and in the perception that our customers have of us. Convinced of the validity of this approach, in 2017 we decided to migrate to ISO 9001: 2015, whose major focus on business objectives and the process of “continuous improvement” well reflect our “Vision”.

For Project Consulting is vital to ensure the continuous improvement of both internal business management processes as those aimed at the definition, execution and measurement of services offered to our clients in order to achieve goals, maintain the defined commitments and enhance the quality of our services and solutions; we are in fact aware that a prerequisite for success is to pay maximum attention to customer satisfaction, the health and safety of workers and respect for the Environment.

This goal is pursued through the involvement of all the company’s resources and cooperation of all stakeholders, with systematic and planned activities for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment, which demonstrate the Project Consulting’s commitment in ensure the conduct of its operations in accordance with local and international regulations.


The quality perceived by the customer is the set of characteristics of the product and the service provided. For this reason PROJECT CONSULTING has adopted a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001-2015 to ensure:

  •      reliability of products and services, understood as user safety and service continuity;
  •      suitability for use and conformity of products to specifications, with particular reference to mandatory requirements;
  •      professionalism of all staff and, in particular, of those involved in customer support, pre-sales and assistance activities;
  •      risk and opportunity assessment in order to improve the performance of business processes.

Corporate health safety environment policy

The management of Project Consulting, aware of the importance of protecting workers’ health and safety in workplaces, agrees to consider this policy for health and safety in the workplace as part of the company business, and as a strategic commitment with respect to the more general purposes of the company activity. This policy is applicable to all company personnel, whether they operate within the company headquarters, or at customers sites. By adopting this policy, the Company aims to ensure the continuous improvement of internal processes to ensure the health and safety of workers, and respect for the Environment.


Ethical Code and Integrity Pact

Ethical Code is the best tool for implementing ethics within the company, aimed at clarifying and defining the set of principles to which employees are called to comply in their mutual relations as well as in relating to external collaborators; they are all called to respect the values ​​and principles expressed in the document and are required to protect and preserve, through their behavior, the respectability and image of Project Consulting as well as the integrity of its economic and human heritage. In this context, Project Consulting signs an Integrity Pact with companies operating as business partners in a customer / supplier relationship. The Integrity Pacts, in fact, constitute a tool aimed at stimulating the improvement of relations between commercial partners by replacing burdensome and bureaucratic measures with a “pact” signed between subjects who share values ​​such as fairness, loyalty, transparency. This allows you to increase mutual trust, strengthen the certainty of relationships and commercial exchanges, to operate faster, with lower costs and greater serenity of relationships, fueling competitiveness in the production chains.


Direct Customers



End Customers

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