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Artificial Intelligence for Video Analysis

AIVA uses artificial intelligence algorithms developed specifically for video analysis. The integrated use of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for detection, recognition, and segmentation, allow us to perform according to three different levels of complexity:

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SPHERA (Systems Prediction and HEalth Rate Analysis) is the artificial intelligence solution proposed by Project Consulting for predictive maintenance and optimization of data center resources. SPHERA uses current monitoring systems to collect data from agents and sensors located in the data center. SPHERA analyzes all the data and events acquired by the monitoring systems and, using a mixed technology based on analytics, machine learning and deep algorithms learning:

  • defines the correlation maps;
  • indicates the future trend of monitoring parameters and events in a predictive way;
  • identifies any behavior anomalies and suggests possible interventions;
  • allows optimization of system maintenance processes and energy consumption;
  • allows to evaluate in a preventive way the impact produced by modifications (such as for example the introduction of new systems, the modification of a configuration, etc.), simulating the behavior of the systems in the face of such modifications.

The operating pipeline is indicated in the following diagram:

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AIDA-SHM is a turnkey system to monitor the health of structures such as bridges and viaducts, predict structural damage and allow the optimization of preventive maintenance, so as to reduce the costs of highly specialized personnel. The AI engine of AIDA-SHM uses powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to extract information, discover associations and correlations between data and events and define representative models of the evolution and deterioration of structures; it differs profoundly from the paradigm of statistical analysis, which defines probabilistic models based exclusively on the frequency of events. The highly innovative elements of AIDA-SHM are:

  1. use of the passive acoustic emission technique;
  2. analysis of the acoustic signal and all other parameters through an automatic learning engine (Artificial Intelligence – AI);
  3. connection of the sensors through a satellite IoT network.

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PAMINA (Piattaforma per l’Analisi Multimediale Integrata in Neuroscienze Applicate) (Platform for Integrated Multimedia Analysis in Applied Neuroscience) is a web-based hardware and software platform designed specifically to collect, manage, recover, show and process data and metadata in a modern neuroimaging laboratory. The system is intended for the field of clinical research on human brain functions (from acquisition to final processing), but can also be used in the clinical and diagnostic fields. PAMINA is an operational and convincing example of the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge between clinical / fundamental research and companies. PAMINA allows high-level data processing and allows the display of data based on the qualification of the user and professional objectives, having as its sole objective the protection of patient health. The system is particularly optimized for clinical and basic research on human brain functions from acquisition to final analysis.

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