In all change processes, adaptation capacity and speed are key factors. In Project Consulting we have chosen to be an active part of the digital transformation process and for many years we are investing in the research and study of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, because we are convinced that in them lies the most innovative factor of this revolution, which can allow us and our customers to "navigate" successfully in the digital age.


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IT Governance

The IT function, from a simple technology supplier, is becoming a strategic partner and success factor, an opportunity to differentiate and face the future challenges of the digital economy.

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The SW industry is full of examples of projects that do not meet the customer's expectations and the causes, although different, have a common root: a management not supported by effective methods.

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Security Governance

A modern planning and management of security takes into account how the risk is originated, which actions generate the reaction, who for role and skills must be responsible.

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Digital Transformation

For decades, systemic thinking has been the paradigm that has driven IT, focused on engineering in designing solutions. Now new paradigms will have to be woven into IT strategies to successfully manage a hyper-complex digital economy.

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Custom Project

For PJC professionals, the start of a new project is not only a new economic opportunity, but the opportunity to once again live an experience in which skills, professionalism, harmony and personal growth come together to achieve a result of excellence.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development


Cancer cell investigation

The project is at an advanced stage and is close to the release 1.0 of the PJC's solution for the detection of cervical cancer cells, through automatic analysis of pap-test images. The research is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Medicine of the "Vanvitelli" University of Naples (keep reading).


Edge Computing x AI

Edge Computing is a distributed and open IT architecture with decentralized processing power, designed for mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In Edge Computing the data (or part of it) is processed by the device itself or by a server, instead of being transmitted to the data center (keep reading).


AIDA Structural Health Monitoring

The AIDA-SHM project is designed for predictive monitoring of large reinforced concrete structures, such as bridges and viaducts. AIDA-SHM integrates the information relating to the analysis of the signals, coming from monitoring sensors of various types, and to their strategic arrangement, through an artificial intelligence engine and a satellite IOT network (keep reading).


Augmented IT Governance

"The first AI users who combine strong digital capability with proactive strategies have higher profit margins ..." (McKinsey Global Institute). The AUIGO research project is testing the most suitable mathematical models for the application of machine learning techniques to IT Governance, so that Top Management can ... (keep reading).

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